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Find Useful Community Information

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  • View your community name and number
  • Obtain your community coordinator's info
  • Get community updates like current community news and events.

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What's a Community?

If you live in Sandy, you also live in a smaller geographic unit of the City known as a Community. Sandy City is divided into thirty communities. Each community has a number and a name. The communities are in place to enhance communication between Sandy residents and elected officials and staff at City Hall.

Know Your Community Coordinator

Look at the map of Sandy City above and find that portion of the map that corresponds to where you live. This is your community! Each community has a "Community Coordinator," who serves as a communications liaison between you and officials and staff at City Hall. The Community Coordinator adds an additional layer of communication for Sandy residents that the Mayor and City Council put in place back in 1997. They want you to not only contact them with your ideas and concerns, but also your Community Coordinator.