Bradburn Brief: February

Post Date:01/30/2018 2:05 PM

Dear Sandy Residents:

Many thanks to all of you that came out in record numbers for the Oath of Office Ceremony, January 2nd. I also appreciate all those that joined us via Facebook Live or have viewed the proceeding video on We felt your love and sincerely appreciate your interest and support. As you know, we were honored to hold the ceremony in the recently dedicated and beautiful Hale Centre Theatre, just across the street from Sandy City Hall. 

I have been eager to follow-up on my January newsletter message by providing specific examples of some of the objectives and initiatives we hope to achieve within the first several months of my administration. Since I’ve heard pretty consistent messages from so many of you, I am committed to direct my time, energy and available resources to what you expressed as your needs, concerns and priorities. Accordingly, please see examples here, per my previous areas of focus: 

1. Transparency and Value-Driven Innovation: 

  • Live streaming and posting audio/video recordings of public meetings 
  • Digitizing and posting of historically “paper” documents via document management system
  • Implementation and availability of web-based budgetary software to simplify and clarify Sandy’s actual budget and provides interactive functionality for citizen use

2. Customer Service and Responsiveness: 

  • Citizen response tracking system to ensure timely feedback to all resident inquiries, suggestions or needs
  • Promotion and utilization of citizen-centric software platforms that allow for real-time electronic communications into, and out of, City Hall, including resident surveying to ensure satisfaction and correct objective focus  
  • Enhanced community coordination and communication, to include the integration of emergency services and planning 

3. Continuous Quality Improvement and Efficiency: 

  • Introduction of an updated (email, calendar, contacts and tasks) platform across city offices to become current and take advantage today’s integrated software solutions
  • Implementation and transition to an updated financial software system with functionality for today’s municipal needs
  • Utilization of a quality improvement specialist to work with all departments to analyze and identify processes that need improvement and efficiencies  

4. Citizen Centric City: 

  • Weekly video update from the Mayor (“Bradburn Broadcast”) regarding city wins, business items, and citizen responses (see videos below)
  • Implementation of “passion-based” focus groups to provide input, suggestions and guidance on key objectives and priorities
  • Citizen satisfaction questionnaires via Citizen Connect surveys to establish baselines and track improvements across all citizen demographics
  • Ensuring all city administration or department lead initiatives meet the criteria of increasing quality services, improving resident satisfaction and/or decreasing costs
  • Citizen education regarding The Cairns District development

As always, I welcome your continued input and engagement and hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities I am working on making available. Together, we can lead this great city into the 21st century. 

Check out the Bradburn Broadcasts from the last month (you can also watch them & more over on our Youtube channel):







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