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Materials Recycled in Sandy City Become Raw Materials Used by Domestic Manufacturers

Post Date:01/30/2020 8:00 AM

RecyclingMaterialsWhen you put an aluminum can, a plastic milk jug, or flattened cardboard box in your recycling cart, it’s the first step of a process that conserves valuable natural resources. Your simple environmentally conscious act ultimately concludes with viable recyclables becoming raw materials used by domestic manufacturers to make new products such as more beverage cans, fabrics, and paper toweling to name a few. 

Waste Management (WM) trucks pick up curbside recycling throughout the community and take the materials collected to the WM Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in West Jordan to be sorted, baled, and sold by the ton. 

  • Sandy City residents put about 830,000 pounds of materials into recycling carts every month.
  • Just over 10% of the recyclables processed by Waste Management in Utah are sold to and used by Utah-based manufacturers.
  • More than 50% of the steel recycled at Waste Management’s Material Recovery Facility in Utah remains in the state to be reused. 
  • Aluminum beverage cans that get recycled are typically back on the shelf as a new can within 60 days. 

Each type of recycled material goes through a specific renewal process: 

  • Paper is slurried and cleaned of contaminants before being used to produce new paper products. 
  • Cardboard is put through a similar process and reused to make paperboard for food boxes, paper toweling, writing paper, and more. 
  • Plastics are separated by resin type, then shredded and melted into pellets. Water bottle pellets can turn into polyester thread and woven into clothing. Plastic milk jug pellets may be used to produce detergent bottles or toys.
  • Steel cans are melted down to make new cans, rebar, or even car parts.
  • Aluminum beverage cans are shredded, washed, melted, and rolled into sheet metal used to make more cans. 

When you recycle, it makes a big difference. So, remember to put your clean and dry plastic bottles, metal cans, paper, and cardboard in the recycling bin. Learn more about how to recycle correctly at