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Snow Removal Reminders

Post Date:01/07/2020 8:00 AM

When inclement winter weather hits, the Public Works Department is hard at work clearing roads for safer travel. The priority is to make all main arterial roads passable for public safety, schools, and fire stations. As long as the snow continues to fall, the city’s first goal is to keep the main roads clear. In such instances, it is unlikely that residential roads will be reached immediately because main roads must be repeatedly plowed. It is important for residents to keep cars and debris out of the road so that snowplows and other maintenance vehicles can work with little or no interruptions. IN FACT, PARKING ON A STREET DURING A SNOWSTORM IS A VIOLATION OF CITY ORDINANCE CHAPTER 14 SEC. 14-7-3.

As residents of Sandy City, each property owner plays a role in helping to keep roads and sidewalks free of snow and ice. Listed below are reminders for all residents:

The following actions are not allowed:

Blowing or pushing snow into any city street.

Parking on city streets during a snowstorm or during the 24 hours after the end of the storm. (Depending on the situation, police officers are authorized to either cite residents or have vehicles towed if they are not in compliance with any ordinance).


Homeowner Responsibilities

Removing the snow in front of your mailbox and fire hydrants once plows have been through the neighborhood.

Clearing snow from sidewalks in front of your homes within 24 hours of a storm.
(If possible, please assist elderly or infirmed neighbors).

For questions regarding snow removal, please call:

Streets: Public Works (801) 568-2999

Private Sidewalks: Code Enforcement (801) 568-7254

Parking Issues: Police Dispatch (801) 799-3000

City buildings, trails and parking lots: Parks and Recreation (801) 568-2900

During a snowstorm, if you would like to see the locations for the Sandy City snowplows, please go to

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