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Bradburn Brief: June 2019

Post Date:06/06/2019 7:30 AM

Budget350x3002June is here and that means that budget season is upon us! In April, I presented the Mayor’s proposed budget to City Council. The City Council must approve the budget by June 30th and hold public hearings to solicit public feedback during council meetings prior to that date. 

The $117-million proposed budget projects about $3.2 million of new revenues in our General Fund. You will find in the FY 2019-2020 proposed budget that we have allocated those tax dollars towards increasing our level of service to the residents, maintaining the quality of life we have become accustomed to, and ensuring that taxpayers are protected in the event of a downturn. There is a never-ending list of needs that the city has, but we have worked hard to prioritize your tax dollars towards things that have a direct impact on your daily lives. 

The 2019-2020 proposed budget contains many appropriations toward improving our residents’ quality of life. Parks, trails, community events, air quality, and public safety all contribute in some way to enjoying our community and being proud of the city in which we live. The FY 2019-2020 proposed budget also contains several appropriations to make doing business with the city faster and easier and ensure we employ the most qualified individuals to carry out those duties. In government, the products we provide are services so we must constantly be striving to improve our level of service to residents like you.

The city budget should reflect the priorities of its citizens. If you would like to advocate for the inclusion of other priorities, please attend council meetings on Tuesday night and let us know where you think the budget should be improved. You can read the full proposed budget at

Deciding how to spend your hard-earned tax dollars isn’t a duty we take lightly and we appreciate your trust and welcome your involvement. These tax dollars are the driving force of the services we can provide and they ensure we all maintain and improve the quality of life we expect in Sandy.

Lastly, please remember that you can always connect with us to get more information by going to our City websites and and by accessing our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for daily updated information. You can also contact me at

Thank you for allowing me to serve you,

Mayor Kurt Bradburn

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