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Prevent Burglary and Package Theft

Post Date:07/28/2018 1:30 PM

Sandy Police responded to 376 residential burglaries in 2017, and 132 so far in 2018.  Take the time to help prevent yourself from becoming the victim of a residential burglary:

  1. Ensure all doors are closed, locked and secured, including overhead garage doors.
  2. Leave a light, a TV or a radio on. Use a timer to control when they come on/turn off.
  3. Close your blinds/curtains.
  4. Use a home security system.
  5. Dogs in your home can draw attention by barking.
  6. Keep the exterior of your house well lit. Motion detector lights work great.
  7. Don’t hide your spare key. Criminals know where the common places are to hide keys, like under door mats, flower pots or mailboxes.
  8. Remove keys and garage door openers from your vehicles if you park them outside.
  9. If you leave town, have someone pick up your mail and newspapers.
  10. Do not advertise you will be out of town. This happens a lot on social media.
  11. Know your neighbors and what they drive.
  12. Immediately report anything suspicious to the Police Department. 

Here are some simple steps to take when you have packages delivered to your home.

  1. Have packages delivered to your workplace (be sure to check with your workplace prior to ensure they are okay with it).
  2. Schedule deliveries around the times you will be at home.
  3. Install a security system, including cameras, which can capture video of a suspect taking your packages.
  4. Require a signature on delivery.
  5. Ask a trusted neighbor, friend or family member to pick the packages up from your residence if you are unable to be there.
  6. If you do have a package stolen, please contact the Police Department to report the theft.
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