Bradburn Brief: Sustainability

Post Date:07/30/2018 11:30 AM

Dear Sandy Residents,

Diminishing our impact on the environment has been a top priority of my administration and judging by the amount of questions I receive on this topic, this is clearly a priority for Sandy residents as well. Here are just a few examples of the sustainability efforts we have been working on:

Glass Recycling / Green Waste Pickup

There have been many requests for curbside glass recycling and green waste pickup. Accordingly, we are working to identify companies that can provide this service to residents at a minimal cost. Residents interested in participating in these programs would pay a service fee directly on their waste removal bill. The city is not able to subsidize these costs but residents who are interested in these services would be able to access them and pay for all waste removal in one payment. More information on this effort is forthcoming. 

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles will be instrumental to improving air quality in Sandy. We have been working with the state and Rocky Mountain Power to access grants that would enable us to provide electric vehicle charging stations, initially located at city owned facilities. It is our goal to gradually blend electric vehicles into our city fleet as they need to be replaced. An electric vehicle fleet means less tax dollars in maintenance and better resale value. These charging stations would also be available for residents with the hope it will encourage Sandy residents to transition to electric vehicle ownership.

Water Watch Program

Water conservation is critical in our desert state. I encourage you to check out our Water Watch program which allows you to track your home and yard water usage. The program will send you a text notification if your usage exceeds normal levels in the case of a leak or hose left running. The program is free for residents and could save you hundreds of dollars a year. You can sign up for the Water Watch program at

Sego Lily Demonstration Garden

If you are interested in reducing your water usage on your lawn, Sego Lily Gardens is an educational garden designed for the public to observe and learn how to achieve a beautiful and water wise landscape. The garden is funded and maintained by Sandy City Public Utilities with the hope that it will provide inspiration and practical ideas that can apply in your homes and yards to conserve water. The garden is located at 1472 East Sego Lily Drive and their hours are 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Connect With Us!

Lastly, please remember that you can always connect with us to get more information by going to our City websites and and by accessing our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for daily updated information.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. 

—Mayor Kurt Bradburn

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